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Change of Status Action
Child and Adult Care Food Program - Guide for Review
Child and Adult Care Food Program - Monitoring
Child Behavior - Observation Checklist
Alphabet Knowledge Assessment
Alphabet Knowledge Assessment and Instructions
Center Closing Documentation
Center File Checklist
Center Maintenance or Improvement Request

Cleaning and Sanitation Frequency Checklist

Consumable Supplies Inventory - Less Than $10

Confidential Transition Form & Instructions

Confidentiality Procedure Training - Documentation

Confidentiality Procedure Training Form

Consent for Screening

Daily Lesson Plan Form

Developmental Learning Standards

Educational Monitoring Checklist - Site Visit


ELL Observation Checklist

Emergent Reading Check

Conference - End-of-Year

Family Activity - English

Family Activity - Spanish

Father Figure Reistration Form

Field Trip Request - from Staff

Fire Safety Record and Enforcement Code

First Enrollment Contact Tracking Form

First-of-Year Conference

Guidelines for Choosing Babysitters

Holiday Food Policy - Parent Notice

Home Activity Plan

Individual Lesson Plan Supplement

Individual Transition Plan & Instructions

Individualization Plan


Keeping Kids Safe - Personal Safety Curriculum

Language - Art - Music Observations

LAP Personal-Social Scoring Sheet

LAP Self-Help Scoring Sheet

LAP-D Assessment Report to Parents - Beginning of Year

LAP-D Parent Letter

Liability Release - Minor Child Volunteer

Center Staff Meeting Format

LAP-D Assessment Report to Parents - Middle of Year

LAP-D Assessment Report to Parents - End of Year

Licensing Requirements - Tennessee Child Care Centers

Center Volunteer Roll Sheet and Example

Minutes Form for Documentation or Notes

Monthly Attendance

Observation Assessment Instructions

Observation Checklist - Child Behavior

CLASS Observation Score Sheet

Classroom Literacy Checklist

Book-A-Night Notice - 2-Up

Book-A-Night Notice - Spanish - 2-Up

Parent Activity Fund Check or PO Request

Parent or Guardian Curriculum Input or Interest Area

Parent Sign-In & Sign-Out - 2 Up

Performance Note

Parent-Child Reading Activity

Permission - Agreement Form

Personal Safety Curriculum Notification Form - Blank

Personal Safety Curriculum Notification Form - Talking About Touching

Personal Safety Curriculum - Family Letter No. 1

Personal Safety Curriculum - Family Letter No. 5

Personal Safety Curriculum - Family Letter No. 9

Personal Safety Curriculum - Instructions & Requirements

Personal Safety Curriculum - Documentation Form

Phonological Awareness Assessment - p1

Phonological Awareness Assessment - p2

Phonological Awareness Assessment - pp 1 & 2

Phonological Awareness Assessment Instructions

Playground Maintenance Checklist

Playground Maintenance Checklist Instructions

Policy Council Reimbursments - Members & Alternates

Policy Council Sign-In Sheet

Portfolio Contents

Reading Home Activity

Ready to Read Beginning

Ready to Read Middle

Ready to Read End

Request for Approval of Guest Children

Second Enrollment Contact Tracking Form

Second Step Planning Sheet - Documentation

Second Step Planning Sheet - Instructions

Site Visit Form

Social Services Tracking

Speech and Language Screening Summary

Speech and Language Screening Summary - Instructions 

Staffing Form

SVHS Letterhead

Talking About Touching Curriculum - Documentation

Teacher Checklist by Child (Literacy)

Teacher Checklist by Child (Portfolio)

Teacher Checklist by Child - Instructions

Teacher Observation Checklist & Instructions

Telephone Contact Log - Family and Other

Third Enrollment Contact Tracking Form

Volunteer Rules

Volunteer Release of Liability

What do I Say Now? - How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

Conference - First-of-Year

Conference - Mid-Year

School Readiness Home Plan 2011-12


Personal Safety Form - State of Tennessee 2012

Teacher Checklist Mental Health by Child

Playground Supervision Plan 

Meal and Snacktime Plan

45-Day Screening Schedule